Dredging Systems


MEMO is the exclusive Egyptian distributor for the Pneuma pumping system.
The pump is comprised of a three-cylinder, positive displacement pump is placed in the material to be dredged. A distributor regulates the flow of compressed air that is used to drive the mixture to the delivery pipeline. The compressor station may be on a barge or on shore. Winches raise and lower the pump assembly to the required depth, up to 100m. Single pump capacity up to 1800 m3/hr. (7924 GPM).


Pneuma Dredging System


  • High solids content > 1.5 SG achievable
  • No cutter head = no contamination of MFT with water
  • Interrupted flow to each cylinder prevents coning of MFT
  • Wide dredging depth up to 100m
  • No internal rotating equipment
  • Debris tolerant design allows passage of large particles and self-clearing
  • Customizable inlet configurations
  • Lower pump capacity and cost allows multiple deployment of dredges to provide system redundancy and reliability
Pneuma Dredging System
Pneuma Dredging System