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In order to achieve the best integrated organisation, both Memo Caio and Memo Frankfurt provide the best services to our customers at all levels, considering ourselves as their partners and contributing to the successful development of their projects in all aspects. MEMO Group has a large team of professionals, divided into different departments, who work with high quality and the best international standards, in accordance with the regulations of the international companies and institutions that we represent. In this way, we save our clients time and money.

MEMO Services
MEMO Services

Thanks to the company’s extensive experience in this field, MEMO Planning offers engineering solutions for concrete construction methods. The solutions offered help clients to increase productivity thanks to the diversity of the company’s fleet. As a results, the sites are well prepared to complete mega-projects. A team of consultants provides the best and most appropriate solutions to meet the customer’s needs for the implementation of projects. MEMO takes into account the follow-up with the customer to provide all spare parts and future maintenance to maintain the efficiency of the equipment to work permanently.

Spare Parts

To keep your machine original

For our products to perform at their best and remain fully functional, all parts must work together perfectly. That is why you should always choose genuine parts. Perfect performance can only be achieved when all parts are precisely matched to the requirements of each individual model. Every Genuine Part is subject to the same quality standards as our manufacturer’s products – from design to quality assurance. The precision and quality construction of each genuine part guarantees that all components in your machines work

What we can offer you:

  1. High quality
  2. Best value
  3. Guaranteed long-term value of your machinery
  4. First Class MEMO Know-how

Our MEMO Spare Parts Departments in Frankfurt and Cairo work on the permanent availability of spare parts based on continuous study and analysis of the local market. Due to many years of experience in the technical trade and our ability to understand the needs of the market, we can help our customers right away. The departments use the most advanced international methods to manage the supply of spare parts, making the best quality parts permanently available in the shortest possible time to maintain the customer’s productivity and the quality of his equipment.

After Sales

MEMO has a large team of highly qualified employees, engineers, and technicians. Thanks to their know-how and extensive experience, the MEMO Group has been able to establish itself not only in the Egyptian market.
Do you have a technical problem?
Talk to us, we can help you worldwide.

The team works to provide technical support and innovative solutions to investors and all sectors of the industrial and construction market. We help facilitate your purchasing process through a deep understanding of your business needs and constraints. MEMO experts help your teams manage your fleet and use technology to improve productivity.
We offer tailored end-to-end plans to reduce your fleet and operating costs.
MEMO’s highly skilled team of over 420 people work across multiple departments to ensure integrated and advanced services based on the highest international standards in all aspects of safety, productivity, and economics. You will always find the MEMO team to be the best companion and supporter of your projects, as well as the best expert to provide you with the appropriate solutions and work hard to overcome any obstacles and difficulties your business may face.