Is to contribute by the highest efficient industrial solutions appropriating and keeping up with the immensely accelerated innovation in all the industries fields to be a benchmark in the road of development and investments in the Egypt market.


Our mission is to create a simple channel for local markets with world class manufacturers through innovative and creative value propositions. We aim to provide a profitable and reliable integrated solution for our customers. MEMO has been authorized in Germany and Egypt for over 60 years, providing reliable solutions and services to businesses in many different sectors and industries throughout the Middle East, Far East and North Africa. We continue to maintain the highest standards of quality and customer service, partnering with our clients to implement integrated business solutions for increased profitability.

About MEMO Industrial Planning  

Our Story


Memo was established in 1963 in Frankfurt by our founder, Eng. Abdel-Hamid Moussa in Frankfurt, Germany. It became one of the largest operating and trading companies in the Egyptian market. Its diversity with its first partner and leading brand Schwing-Stetter GmbH, in addition to various industries such as road and canal construction, material handling and power system.
Over time, Memo has always shown success in existing and entering new business areas.
Over the years, MEMO has gained a large share in the local market and was present in many branches at the global level, such as MEMO Dallas, MEMO Khartoum, MEMO Baghdad, as well as in foreign business in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf countries, with a large presence in Libya and North African countries. Now a days our activities also include African countries such as Tanzania and others.

All these experiences in different countries and in many fields have made MEMO the best partner for investors and those in charge of contracting and various industries in Egypt, especially in many other countries. MEMO has great success stories that cannot be counted, and this long journey is the main motivation for us to continue with the same quality, efficiency, and passion.