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Investment  Solutions


In order to develop and optimize your investments, you need to choose your partners and collaborators very carefully, as they are a key factor in your success and in achieving your goals in an appropriate manner. MEMO is the ideal partner for your investment, whatever your sector and whatever the size of your investment. MEMO has a wide range of resources and experience that will benefit you as a consultant and executive. MEMO’s global presence helps to overcome most of the obstacles that your projects may face, as we have a strong record of success in many different countries and sectors.

Investment Solutions

MEMO Planning for Manufacturing provides engineering solutions for concrete construction methods. The company has extensive experience in this field. The solutions offered allow clients to increase their productivity thanks to the diversity of the company’s machinery, which makes the sites fully prepared for the execution of mega projects. A team of consultants proposes the best and most appropriate solutions to meet the customer’s needs in order to carry out major projects. Memo’s staff also take into account the follow-up with the client to provide all the spare parts and future maintenance to maintain the efficiency of the equipment and ensure that it works permanently.

Canal Construction

MEMO Group assists with canal lining projects through the Company expert consultants, engineers, and technicians. We take into account the national objectives on which the project is based. Providing the highest productivity in the least time and obtaining the highest profitability and investment for our customers. The company also provided the first and largest canal lining equipment to complete the Toshka project in Egypt. The company, through its consultants, supplied a solution to the lining process, using geotextiles to develop optimum insulation methods.

We have worked with the following companies:

  • Egyptian Real Estate Consortium
  • General Company for Land Reclamation
  • The Arab Company for Land Reclamation
  • Al-Nasr for Civil Works
  • Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation

During the development of the Egyptian railways, MEMO Industrial Planning worked with the Egyptian National Railways (ENR) to develop a number of stations. The cooperation with the Ministry of Transport was extended on several projects, including the METRO on all lines. The construction of the Cairo METRO started in 1981 and hasn’t really stopped since. This cooperative project is part of a regional development program: The Cairo METRO is an urban rail network that serves the Egyptian Capital, which suffers from day and night traffic overload. The Cairo METRO project was the first metro project on the African continent. We have contributed to the construction of three lines of the METRO, including the equipment needed to build them. Today we are involved in the construction of the fourth line of the METRO. We have also started to participate in the National Monorail Project in the New Administrative Capital – Sixth of October City, where the supply of concrete equipment, Gantry cranes, concrete pumps, rebar factories and power generators are required to complete the project.

Concrete Blocks Machine

Plan your success. Small details often make the difference between success and failure. Our products are designed for your success, detail by detail. MEMO supplies state-of-the-art concrete block plants of the highest quality. Memo Industrial Planning Company has a great experience in the field of concrete block production. We have been successfully working in this field since the 1970s. Memo has a large team that works on the selection of the most suitable machines, taking into account the productivity required by the customer, and the company also has an engineering and technical team to carry out the integrated maintenance of concrete block machines. Concrete block machines have a large and wide market worldwide. Therefore, the productivity, quality and high efficiency of the machines make MEMO’s equipment one of the best industrial solutions that meet the customer’s requirements in terms of quality, productivity, error prevention, cost savings and comprehensive maintenance, contributing to the introduction of our concrete block machines in this vast market.

Power Plants

As part of MEMO Industrial Planning Company’s role in building and maintaining the state’s infrastructure – the company has carried out a large number of general maintenances works for the energy and power generation sector, providing highly qualified technical staff to carry out integrated maintenance to maintain the technical condition of power generation facilities. This includes the maintenance of the Al-Kuraimat Power Station. MEMO believes in the societal and national role of such projects and is pleased to be a part of them. We are proud to contribute to the development and restoration of the infrastructure of important energy facilities.

Mining & Tunneling

MEMO has extensive experience in the field of quarrying and mining. It has participated in one of the largest mining projects in Egypt for the extraction of phosphate in the famous “Abu Tartour Mines”. MEMO has relied on the best mining equipment companies in the world, working to the latest international standards and advanced methods.