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MEMO  Customer Development and Training Center


MEMO Customer Development and Training center in Nasr City is the only one of its kind in Egypt that provides a virtual simulation of the operation of realistic equipment in sites with different scenarios and all available factors, also offers a wide range of Service Training courses for its customer’s Personnel in the operation, maintenance and safety regulations/standards of Schwing Stetter equipment and others. The Training center offers Certified Training courses blended with theory and Practice.

MEMO  guarantees providing mistakes-free trainees


In addition, the center uses international experts to contribute to the development of the training content and to simulate most of the possibilities that can occur on the sites. It provides training and courses in a wide range, including the technical parts of equipment and their maintenance with respect to the safe performance in all the processes, In addition to a managerial part based on MEMO’s extensive experience in the Egyptian market in many fields and various investments, it helps business owners to develop and expand their businesses and investments in a professional manner according to international foundations and methods.

MEMO  provides periodical seminars


With our seminars, you can strengthen and deepen your knowledge and safety in dealing with our machines and plants. From our extensive seminar program, you can select the desired training or together with us conceive and carry out individual training… More safety, more efficiency.


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