Sludge Pumps


Our sludge pump systems of the KSP and TAP series are the worldwide benchmark for reliability. Used in sewage treatment plants, mine backfilling or the offshore industry, the extremely low wear is an outstanding argument. During continuous operation, a service life of more than 20 years without significant repairs is not unusual. One of many reasons why companies worldwide rely on SCHWING sludge pumps for demanding delivery tasks. Delivered and commissioned are, upon request, also complete “Turn-Key-Systems, consisting of several modules.


Sludge Pumps and Muck Pumps

Schwing Stetter offers two control systems: The patented Rock Valve as used in our Concrete Pumps and also the poppet valve system which isolates the pump from the pipeline at the completion of a pumping stroke and prevents material from back-flowing into the pump and decreases its efficiency.
In the Poppet System, as the pump cycles, the cylinder that is performing a pumping stoke has its pressure Poppet open and the suction Poppet closed. The cylinder that is being charged has its pressure Poppet closed and suction Poppet open. When the pump completes its cycle, the Poppets change their position such that the open Poppets close and the closed Poppets open.

Our range of equipment performs a wide scope of applications including:

  • water treatment plants
  • waste recycling
  • building industry
  • mining, refineries, power plants
  • chemical industry
  • food-processing industry
  • fodder industry
  • de-silting of rivers and lakes
  • paper industry
  • cleaning
  • residues